Stump Removals


While some of our customers like to make a feature of tree stumps in their garden, potential buyers often find them an eyesore and a nuisance. Not only can they get in the way while you mow the lawn, but they can also encourage weed and fungi growth, as well as insect infestations. What’s more, they interrupt the landscape and can hinder gardening projects, such as laying new turf.


Whether tackling an individual stump removal in a residential garden or undertaking a site clearance for property developers around Cobham, our tree surgery experts use stump grinding machinery to pulverise stumps into the ground.


With no gaping hole to fill and minimal impact to the immediate environment, stump grinding enables our customers to instantly turf or pave over the area, or simply sit back and enjoy their garden.


Site Clearance


Gardens overgrown with brambles, nettles and other self-seeding vigorous vegetation can be off-putting for potential buyers and make a home look neglected. They can also choke other plants and trees, which may result in necessary tree work such as deadwooding or even felling.


With our professional site clearance services, you can reclaim your outside space and have a blank canvas for future landscaping projects.


Tree Surgery


Established hedges and trees provide privacy, shade and even filter out strong winds and loud noises, making them highly desirable for prospective buyers around Cobham. However, overgrown hedges and trees can look tatty and unkempt, potentially posing a risk to people and property, especially during stormy weather. They can also block out light, making properties and gardens feel dark and small.


At LJN Ltd, we perform a range of hedge and tree work, such as pollarding, crown thinning, hedge trimming and crown reduction to improve light filtration, make gardens more attractive and minimise the risk of falling boughs and broken limbs.




In addition to stump grinding, site clearances and the rest, we also install metal, wood and hedge fencing for commercial, agricultural and equine customers around Cobham. Not only does a fence add privacy to a property, but it can also provide an attractive backdrop for other features in your garden, such as bedding plants and ornamental shrubs.


Call us on 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739 for tree surgery, stump removal, site clearance, stump grinding and tree work that can add value to your property in Cobham.


At LJN Ltd, we have a team of dedicated tree surgery professionals, who share generations of industry experience. Based in Ewhurst and Cranleigh, we serve a host of local customers as specialists in a wide range of tree works that can reclaim neglected and overgrown gardens. Hiring us for services such as tree and stump removal, hedge cutting, fencing and stump grinding will not only make the most of your outside space, but will also add value to your property in Cobham.


Did you know that a well-maintained garden can increase the value of a property by up to 20%? Based on the current average price of homes in the UK, that amounts to an incredible £60,000.


Whilst installing patios, sheds, greenhouses and even al fresco kitchens may make a house more desirable to potential buyers, and overall more valuable, such features will fail to make a positive impact in gardens full of rotting tree stumps, broken fencing and overgrown trees, shrubs and hedges.


This page details how tree work from our tree surgery professionals can benefit homeowners around Cobham looking to sell their property, as well as those who simply want to optimise their initial investment.