We supply and deliver barn stored and kiln dried logs and kindling all from uk sourced timber. All our logs are barn stored throughout the summer to give you a good quality log for the winter.

We hold in store 2 main sizes from 7.5" to 9" and 12" to 14". We supply domestic and bulk loads as well as catering for commercial suppliers. We also supply net kindling bags sourced and distributed by ourselves.

Log Bundles

Barn Stored Logs

- 1/2 load £60
- Full load £100
- Double Load £190

Kiln Dried Logs
We can also supply kiln dried firewood with a extremely low moisture content for a premium fire - cut to your desired size:

- 1/2 load £80
- Full load £140
- Double Load £270

Kindling is offered at £5.00 per bag (approximately 3.5kg) or 3 bags for a bargain of £12.00 pounds.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Stacking can be arranged however this would incur an additional cost. Please see map below for delivery costs.

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