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Site Clearance in Cranleigh
The Importance of Hiring a Professional to Clear Your Site

Whether you have an overgrown garden you plan to overhaul, or you’re developing properties on recently purchased land, site clearance is the starting point for many projects.  The professionals at LJN Ltd cover all needs. No matter the size or condition of your land in Cranleigh, we clear it of all unwanted vegetation. Most importantly, we do so while meeting all legal and ethical obligations.

Every improvement and development project has a set budget. As such, it’s always tempting to find cut-price solutions. When it comes to clearing your site, however, it’s vital to hire a professional company with a proven track record. This ensures your works get off to a smooth, efficient start.

In this blog, we look at why it’s so important to hire professionals for your site clearance in Cranleigh.

The Right Machinery and Equipment

To guarantee the safe, efficient removal of the various plants and vegetation on your site, your chosen company must have the proper machinery and equipment. Our site clearance service creates a blank slate for your coming project. Different vegetation, trees and overall sites require specific processes – and tools – to achieve this.

An established company, like LJN Ltd, continually invests in the latest equipment. This ensures we are never caught out by a situation we cannot handle. You can also rest assured that only fully trained personnel operate all vehicles and heavy machinery. Like any reputable company, we combine outstanding results with complete safety.


While clearing your Cranleigh site safely and efficiently is important, it’s just as vital to ensure you dispose of the waste responsibly. Years ago, companies wouldn’t think twice about heading to a landfill after a site clearance. These days, the leading professionals aim to recycle or repurpose up to 100% of collected waste.

For larger projects, we utilise 20 tonne roll-on roll-off containers to remove the green waste from your site. At LJN Ltd we strive to recycle 100% of the trees, plants and vegetation we clear. We do this in various ways, including firewood and kindling production, biomass fuel and sawmilling.

Saving Time

Preparing your site is a necessary first step. However, if you’re planning to undertake the site clearance process yourself, your inexperience may come back to haunt you. For example, you may get hung up on every last detail. You might not know if you need to clear everything. And the things you do need to clear; you may have doubts about the extent of work needed.

By taking on such a large responsibility, you open yourself up to delays. This can lead to skipping details to make up time. In many cases, this results in overlooking essential points that cause even more delays and wasted time. At LJN Ltd, we have years of project management experience. We use this expertise to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Legal Compliance

If you hire a cut-price company for your site clearance in Cranleigh, you increase your exposure to the dangers of fly-tipping. This all-too-familiar problem costs homeowners and businesses thousands of pounds every year in fines. While you may think your company is reputable, they might just dump your green waste at the side of the road. If the local authorities can trace this waste back to you, they will issue a fine.

Because we recycle so much of your green waste, we usually don’t need to worry about disposal. However, if we find materials we cannot repurpose, we dispose of them responsibly at the appropriate local facility.

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07734 703854 | 01483 267739



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