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Stump Grinding in Guildford
5 Reasons Why You Need to Remove Your Tree Stump

If you’re considering options for felling a tree in your garden or on a larger premises in the Guildford area, have you decided what you will do with the stump? It can often come as a surprise to some that tree felling and stump grinding are separate services. Of course, you can bundle them together. However, if you only hire tree surgeons to fell your tree, you will have a stump left behind. In the short- and long-term, these stumps represent a risk to health and safety.

In this blog, we present 5 reasons why you need to remove your tree stump. The best time to perform stump grinding is immediately after felling a tree. The stump itself is softer and easier to manage. Stumps become harder over time, but with our cutting-edge machinery, we can handle all eventualities.

To discuss your own stump grinding requirements in and around Guildford, please call us on 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739.

Why You Should Invest in Stump Grinding

Tree Stumps Are an Eyesore

From an aesthetic perspective, tree stumps are not nice to look at. Even in uncared for gardens, they stand out as an unsightly feature. In a landscaped space, they draw attention away from all the effort and investment poured into it.

If you are planning a landscaping project in the future, grinding a stump to below the soil line will make your life easier too. It won’t hamper your dream design, nor will it get in the way of the physical work.

Tree Stumps Pose a Risk to Children

Do you have young children? Or perhaps nieces, nephews or grandchildren who visit your Guildford home at weekends? If you don’t perform stump grinding on the stump in your garden, it poses a safety hazard to them.

When engrossed in play, children tend to run around without much care for dangers. No matter how familiar they may be with your garden, if children rush about without looking down, they could trip over the stump and suffer a nasty fall.

Tree Stumps Encourage New Tree Growth

Are you familiar with the term ‘suckering’? Trees are living things, so they will take action to survive in the event of an injury. Even after felling, a tree can grow suckers from, or around, the stump. If left unchecked, these new sprouts can grow into small trees. So while you removed one tree, you may run the risk of growing several more.

Stump grinding is one of the most effective ways to remove the risk of suckering in your Guildford garden. It’s important to deal with suckers quickly. Not only do they look unsightly, they can also become a much bigger problem quite quickly.

Tree Stumps Make Basic Garden Maintenance Difficult

If you have lived with a tree stump for years already, you probably don’t need us to tell you about how they make life more difficult. For example, the already demanding task of mowing the grass becomes even more taxing when you have to work around a stump. You also have to watch where you mow in case you damage the blades.

In a general sense, you must also work with more awareness. If you’re walking around from point to point carrying out small gardening tasks, you must check your position in relation to the stump. Simply taking a few steps backward without checking could have nasty consequences.

Tree Stumps Attract Insects

Don’t you just love insects? Right, we didn’t think so. Well, if your Guildford garden has a tree stump, you could find yourself welcoming some unwelcome visitors. If you decide against stump grinding, the stump itself decays.

However, they take a significant amount of time to fully rot away. During this process, the stump will prove highly attractive to ants, beetles and other insects. Needless to say, these bugs can eventually end up in your home.

Call us on 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739 to talk over your own stump grinding needs. We cover all locations in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

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