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Tree Work to Carry Out During Winter

How much attention do you give your garden during the winter months? It’s easy to lose interest during this time – your trees have lost their leaves, your flowers have died away and it’s cold outside. However, winter is the perfect time to have professional tree surgery services carried out. At LJN Ltd we perform tree work in Godalming and the neighbouring areas all year round, regardless of the season. Winter just provides a better environment for achieving the optimal results our tree surgeons have become synonymous with.

For example, when trees lose their leaves, it’s much easier and faster to find structural problems. This benefits services like pruning and tree reduction. Likewise, most wildlife is starting to hibernate, or already has. Many birds have migrated to warmer climes. As a result, we can perform tree surgery services with minimal disruption to nature.

In this blog, we look at 3 tree surgery services you should consider for your garden or wider premises in Godalming this winter.

Our Recommended Tree Surgery for Winter

Tree Removal

Tree removal is common in winter because it’s the first time many property owners realise their tree has a problem. A canopy of leaves can hide small issues from sight, so a tree can look healthy while a problem starts to develop. A bare tree, however, reveals all. Be it disease or signs of death, a tree in winter is much easier to diagnose than at any other time of year.

Needless to say, if disease has set in, or your tree is dying, LJN Ltd can remove it quickly and safely. Of course, if your tree is saveable, we will always prioritise care and preservation. The winter also makes a great time for a wide range of maintenance work that will keep your tree in Godalming healthy for many years to come.

Tree Pruning

Generally speaking, it’s best to prune many varieties of trees in the winter. We tend to advise this kind of tree surgery in the period just before spring. Your tree will still be dormant, so our pruning won’t disrupt it at all. And, when it awakens shortly after, it will have fresh cuttings to grow and thrive out of.

Like most of the tree work we undertake in Godalming, the lack of leaves makes pruning easier. Whether it’s our professional tree surgeons or even you doing a spot of DIY gardening, winter allows for precise cuts that promote healthy growth. As an added bonus, you will only have to dispose of bare stems, not a bagful of leaves.

Stump Grinding

After felling a tree, property owners usually leave the stump in place. It’s usually added to the to-do list, but these stumps often get forgotten about. Whether you have a domestic garden or commercial space in Godalming, a tree stump is a dangerous feature. Not only do stumps represent trip-and-fall hazards, they also spread fungi and decay as well as attracting unwelcome insects.

Even if you like the look of your stump, the health risks to you, your family and your wider garden simply aren’t worth it. As you won’t be spending much time in the garden during winter, it’s the ideal time to invest in stump grinding. This tree surgery service removes the lingering stump, returning your garden to a safer, more aesthetically pleasing space.

Call us on 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739 to discuss your own tree surgery requirements. We provide property owners in Godalming with a year-round service.

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