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Has Your Tree Become Dangerous?

Having a tree on your property can be a blessing. It provides shade during summer and adds a unique aspect to your garden’s landscaping. Trees just have an all-round aesthetic appeal. If you own a larger tree, however, we understand the nagging fear that the tree might one day pose a danger to you, your family and your property. At LJN Ltd, we provide a full range of tree work to rectify any dangerous situation developing at your Guildford property.

With decades of experience, we have received all manner of questions over the years relating to dangerous trees.

  • Is my tree too large?
  • Is my tree dangerous?
  • Will my tree fall over?
  • Is my tree dead?
  • Is my tree leaning too much?
  • Have my tree’s roots moved?

If you have found yourself asking these questions more often lately, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can perform a thorough inspection of your tree and the surrounding environment before recommending the most-appropriate tree work.

As a starting point, we have dedicated this blog to some of the signs to look for if you think a tree on your Guildford premises is dangerous.

Mushrooms or fungal brackets around the base or root plate

It’s important to note that the presence of mushrooms or fungal brackets does not always equate to a dangerous tree. There are many mushrooms and fungi that don’t bring about tree decay. Of course, some do. In extreme cases, they can compromise your tree’s structural integrity and make it unsafe.

It’s important to catch fungal pathogens early. When established, they will decay your tree to the point where it falls over. Our experienced, fully qualified team can diagnose potential risks before carrying out the necessary tree work for a swift and safe resolution.

Your tree has large dead branches

As with fungal brackets and mushrooms, there’s not necessarily anything wrong if you have some large dead branches in your tree. It can be normal, but it can also be the first sign of a much larger problem.

For your own tree in the Guildford area, it’s all about the coverage and extent of the deadwood.

A few dead branches

It’s common for your tree to have some dead branches in its canopy. It’s a living thing, so certain aspects may die away from time to time. Reasons for this include too much shade, animals chewing off chunks of bark and damage from adverse weather conditions.

None of these issues are anything to be concerned about. Light tree work usually rectifies the situation.

Deadwood on branch tips all over the tree

If your tree has die-back across the canopy starting at the ends of branches, you likely have a root problem. Reasons for this extend from soil compaction to severed roots during building works.

Soil compaction is a tree killer

When squeezed under force, the soil loses the small gaps needed for water, oxygen and nutrient movement. These are essential for the roots to support ongoing health for the entire tree. If caught early enough, there are certain tree works that de-compact the soil.

Decay on the base or trunk

Unlike the two previous points, decay is almost always a worrying sign. In this case, however, the biggest problem is spotting it in the first place. There are some obvious signs of decay that even an unqualified person can see. But there are other instances where tree decay is far less apparent. The recommendation here is to adopt the good habit of monitoring your tree’s appearance. Regular visual checks around your garden or wider premises in Guildford will highlight changes more clearly.

It’s also advisable to have trees inspected on a semi-regular basis by a qualified professional, like those at LJN Ltd. This ensures you avoid the stress and inconvenience of undetected decay. Following the diagnosis, we then perform the tree work required to restore good health. In irretrievable cases, we can fell the tree in a safe manner.

Call us on 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739 if you think a tree on your Guildford premises has become a risk. We provide a full range of tree work to resolve any issue.

07734 703854 | 01483 267739



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