At LJN Ltd, we care about preserving and protecting the natural environment. In fact, we are so committed to reducing our carbon footprint that we take all the usable wood from forestry tasks, site clearances and general tree works, and pass it over to the firewood division of our company, where our expert personnel repurpose it as kiln dried logs for use in fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and log burners.


Although we try to preserve nature as much as possible, we understand that sometimes certain tree surgery tasks like stump grinding, tree felling, hedge cutting and stump removals are essential for maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Whether in Weybridge or neighbouring areas, we always aim to carry out tree works with careful consideration to minimising any negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Stump Removal


While some tree surgery companies are happy to leave tree stumps where they stand, we know that rotting stumps can make the ideal environment for fungi growth, which may be harmful to wild animals, pets and children. Likewise, if we need to fell a diseased tree, performing a stump removal will lower the possibility of any sickness spreading to other trees through the root system.


We use stump grinding machinery to tackle stumps of all sizes. This is not only an incredibly effective method, but it also has minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


Furthermore, stump grinding creates wood chippings, which we supply as fuel for our firewood division’s biomass kiln driers, or as mulch for gardens around Weybridge.


Site Clearance


Clearing neglected areas, like woodland paths and gardens, is often an important part of tree surgery. Not only does it free up wasted space, but it can also allow us easier access to perform tree works on potentially sick specimens. Ivy, for example, may look like an attractive climber, but it is highly destructive and can actually choke trees and other vegetation, causing them to die.


Even though overgrowths may have their benefits, such as providing shelter and food for birds and wild animals, certain varieties of vegetation can create significant problems if not properly managed with professional tree surgery maintenance.


Hedge Cutting


As well as using powerful stump grinding machinery for stump removals and heavy machinery for site clearances around Weybridge, our experienced personnel can handle all manner of hedge trimming equipment to help keep hedgerows neat, tidy and densely packed.


Hedges, particularly those containing fruiting plants, are an excellent source of shelter and food for birds and woodland creatures. However, frequent trimming is essential to keep a hedge healthier for longer. Just as with certain tree works, like formative pruning, hedge cutting can help to encourage growth whilst removing dead wood, which reduces the risk of insect infestations.


LJN Ltd does not carry out hedge trimming during the breeding season for nesting birds.


Tree Felling


Just as with site clearances and stump removals, sometimes it is necessary to fell a tree for the good of the surrounding environment. While we offer a range of maintenance tree works to try to improve the health of sick or diseased trees, from time to time, felling is the safest option.


Sometimes the tree is perfectly healthy, but has been blown over by a storm. Leaving uprooted or falling trees is a potential safety hazard to properties in Weybridge, passersby, wildlife and even other trees. In such cases, we have a duty of care to bring it down safely.


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