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Stump Removal and Stump Grinding
in Cobham, Cranleigh, Dorking and the Surrounding Areas

One of the reasons why customers in the Cranleigh, Cobham, Dorking and Leatherhead areas come to us for tree work is that we always perform a thorough and professional job. While some tree surgery companies might leave stumps behind to decay naturally after felling a tree, we understand that they can be an eyesore for homeowners. They may even get in the way of your gardening plans. This is why we use the latest stump grinding machinery, from small models that fit through doorways, to larger stump grinders for site clearances

Grinding enables stump removal without affecting the immediate surroundings or leaving a huge hole in the ground. It means that homeowners around Surrey and West Sussex can immediately turf, plant or pave over the cleared area.

Although it is possible to grub out a small stump by hand, use a chemical, or allow rotting, we find these methods of stump removal inefficient and even harmful to the ecosystem.

Stump grinding offers several advantages over these techniques:

Fast and Efficient

Rather than wait years for remnants to decay naturally, it can take just a few hours of tree work for our skilled operatives to grind down even the largest stumps. This is particularly helpful during site clearances, prior to building and construction work, or ahead of starting a hard or soft landscaping project.

Aesthetic Appeal

While some customers around Cranleigh, Cobham, Dorking and Leatherhead and the South East like to make stumps a feature of their garden, others find them unsightly and pointless. Stump removal restores outdoor aesthetics and improves sightlines. It also clears garden space of an unwelcome tripping hazard.


While stump grinding machinery itself could be dangerous in untrained hands, letting a stump rot could result in insect infestations or fungi growth, which might be harmful to pets and children. Likewise, using chemicals for a stump removal can impact animals and have a harmful effect on the environment


Tree stumps get in the way while you’re mowing the lawn. They can also encourage weed growth, and even sprouts and shoots from the stump itself. This growth requires regular maintenance and adds to the workloads of homeowners in Cranleigh, Cobham, Dorking and Leatherhead who just want to enjoy their gardens.

A Responsible Approach to Environmental Care

With all tree work undertaken, LJN Ltd always considers its environmental impact. Stump grinding reduces even the most stubborn stumps into sawdust and wood chippings, which make an excellent garden mulch. In addition, when a customer wants us to take away this waste, we pass it on to the firewood division of our company, where expert personnel use wood chippings to fuel the biomass driers which produce our kiln-dried logs

Whether you have an old stump in your garden already or want us to finish the clear remnants after a tree-felling job, our stump grinding machinery handles stump removals in no time at all, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. 

If you wish to turf over an area where your removed tree stump once stood, we also specialise in reseeding. This will help to create a more natural aesthetic flow throughout your garden. Alternatively, we will happily add new saplings, in the species of your choosing, as a part of our tree replanting service.

Call 07734 703 854 or 01483 267 739 for stump grinding and stump removal services in Cranleigh, Cobham, Dorking and Leatherhead and the surrounding areas.

07734 703854 | 01483 267739


[email protected]

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